Games Garden is a single-person Game Development Studio.

Latest Video

Illusion Lab: Project Escape

Sci-fi themed puzzle game. Try to get out from the secret lab, full of hidden dangers!



Strike Eye VR is a VR experience, when you stand surrounded by enemies, coming to hit you. Good news: you can destroy them with your look. Not really one: you can kill only moving ones, but they always moves right behind your back.


Barley Colors

Barley Colors is a simple casual puzzle game. Drag color blocks, sort them with color.

Mushroom Commander

There is a serious struggle between edible and poisonous mushrooms for a place under the sun, and the main resource of the mushroom world - water.

Mushroom commander is a simple puzzle game, charged with unique and deep gameplay. Published on Big Fish Games.


Crimson Space

Crimson Space - top-down shooter, inspired by old Crimsonland game. Was showcased on DevGamm Kyiv 2018 event, gaining a lot of positive feedback.

FireSpell VR

Battle mage simulator was created in 48 hours by one person for Hackgames VR hackaton 2020.

Gesture recognition implemented for track magical passes.




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