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Skype VS Telegram

Starting alpha-testing of my brand new android game, I was confused: some of testers was unable to download app from play market. When they clicked provided link, app was shown on screen:

But only for second, and then: market`s home page was quickly loaded.

I spent some time, trying to figure out, what happened. Other testers got their access smoothly. I tried to find some correlations in cases, but have no success - no matter, clean android, or "vanilla", newer version or old, no time dependencies, etc.

I was quite surprised, when one of testers discovers the problem. The correlation WAS here: problem appears only for those, who received link via Skype...

They tried to open link directly inside skype, and it fails loading google`s closed testing app page.

By the other hand, those, who received link via Telegram, has no problem, very smooth flow.

"Well done", microsoft, "well done"...

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