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A quick experiment - what if take simple abstract game and put it into cute cartoon settings?

Let the action happen in a sunny green field.

Let our hero be the little tram, running round over round on circular rails.

Let our enemies be the giant monster trucks, trying to smash our little tram.

The meta-sense of this setting is a deep social problem - conflict between an egoistic car drivers, flooding the city and creating traffic jams, and the public transportation services, like trams and trolleys - comfortable, ecological, cheap. Absolutely sure - no one single player never get this. And its ok.

The tram model was created just in two hours. Monster trucks are come from stock. For sure, in this kind of settings, scoring system should be changed - no more life bonus for score. Instead, player can spend gained score for purchasing new skins - tram models, environment, enemies. Should I give it a try? That`s the question!

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